Test Drive

Welcome to this "test drive" knowledge graph.

Have a look around. Click a link below and use the links you find to navigate the graph. Try a few searches and ask a few questions.

When you're ready, sign in using...
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You can get a quick overview of how to edit the graph by typing "help". KayBot will then provide you a link to the Graph Workspace User Guide. For more comprehensive help head over to https://community.factnexus.com.

Feel free to add a few concepts and facts. Please respect any other "testdriver" users, they'll be able to see everything you do and say. Please also be mindful that test instances are reset frequently and have additional protections that prevent them from being misused.

Some Facts

  • knowledge domain 5 facts

    The content of a particular field of knowledge.

  • knowledge graph 22 facts

    A digital structure that represents knowledge as concepts and the relationships...

  • KayBot 7 facts

    A virtual assistant from FactNexus that gets answers from a user-built knowledge graph.

  • Graph Workspace 1 facts

    A collaborative knowledge graph creation and management tool that can uses conversational...